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Viber PC is the latest application of Viber, on Viber initial versions, this app was only available for Smartphone with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Symbiam. Viber version 3.0 for PC includes an application for Windows-based PC or Mac

Now you can download and install Viber for PC on your computer and then use the Viber App on your Smartphone. Viber for PC lets you chat as the popular Whatsapp, Viber for PC lets you make free phone calls between Viber users and finally, Viber for PC Video allows you to make free calls to all your contacts using Viber.

Donwload Viber PC the best instant messaging app

To download the new version of Viber for Windows, click on this link and select the operating system of your computer.

To use the PC version of Viber, you must have previously installed the Smartphone App When installing Viber PC, automatically synchronize contacts and chats between your smartphone and your PC.

Viber PC and other instant messaging Apps

Viber PC, this app is positioned as a great alternative toWhatsap p. While Viber for PC application allows operation in several Whatsapp devices can only work on one device. The Smartphone app WhatsApp American company is available on Google Play and the Apple Store at the price of 1 euro.

Viber PC or Smartphone version of Viber is completely free and offers free calls and free video calls.

Viber for PC and other Apps for free calls.

Line application, developed by the Japanese giant Naver, is positioning itself as a major competitor in instant messaging applications. With the new version of Viber for PC, and Smartphone application, the struggle for first place in app downloads just begun.

Viber PC lets you make calls between all your Viber contacts from a PC to another PC, from a Smartphone to another Smartphone from PC to a Smartphone and from a Smartphone to a PC.

Viber PC is completely free when you make a voice call or a video call using VoIP technology or voice over IP. This technology sends voice or video data network using your Smartphone or via a wireless connection. The operation is similar to the application of SKIPE but instead of calling a mailbox, as SKIPE works with Viber you can call the user's phone number Viber.

Video Apps and Viber PC.

One of the novelties of Viber PC, is that this app includes free video calls, one of the great competitors in video applications is Tango. Tango video calls is an American company that offers video calls for some years.

Viber PC without Smartphone

If you do not have a smartphone, do not worry about PC without Smartphone Viber's how you can install Viber PC without needing a new generation phone.

All you need to install Viber Smartphone PC is a PC without a Google or Gmail account and a mobile phone where you can send the activation code by SMS text message.

Install PC without Smartphone Viber PC is completely free and easy to do, go ahead and start using this application.